in moments of solitude, when the world's weight bears down, you often withdraw, seeking solace in the quiet. amidst the chaos, we discover an unbreakable bond, a love that refuses to be abandoned.

i, forever aspire to be the keeper of your joys, the solver of your puzzles,
the bearer of your burdens, the sharer of your pains, the preserver of your secrets, and the protector of your smil(eee). the kaleidoscope of emotions, the seven hues that paint the canvas of my life. each shade and each palette compose the spectrum of my existence.

i've showered you with names, countless and sweet, but if there's one that resonates with completeness and feels like a snug fit, on this day, as you, my light, mark another journey around the sun, it's the simple yet profound title of calling you my "wife."

happiest birthday, wifey sauce! 🤗😘🐘

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